DRC Exhibition

Exhibition design

This was a curatorial project, designing and setting up an exhibition for the Design Research Center launch at AHO.

Research leads to vast amounts of academic papers, and we wanted to not simplify or misinterpret anything. And so we tapered the room with posters containing the full articles previously published at AHO. Yup, that's a lot of text!

But behind the massive text blocks were secrets; summaries and illustrations you'd only see clearly if you wore special glasses.

Behold the Essenceotrons!

By wearing the Essenceotrons visitors filtered out the wishy-washy intellectual stuff, and the cyan visuals behind popped out as if black.

Like bugs.

We got the idea from those colored old-school 3d glasses, and went on duplicating the effect. It seemed people attending the exhibition appreciated it, as many of the Essenceotrons were stolen.

To those of you who did steal a pair: keep them! They're yours! To those of you who didn't: click to get to the next project.