Exhibition Design

This is an installation for kids visiting the Geological Museum in Oslo.

Commissioned and conceptualized by our genius friends at Voy, we at Skrekkøgle designed and produced the physical models and graphics.

The goal was to teach kids about landscapes and types of rock, using games with simplified 3d visuals.

The game was enabled using small objects with an RFID chip inside, representing what's shown onscreen.

As we had to produce a bunch of these objects, we decided to make sintered models... make silicone molds... make the finished models in PUR11. Rinse repeat!

The PUR11 is a polyurethane version, non-toxic (when cured) and durable enough to survive kids' play. To get the right tint of green we actually used oil color pigment.

With the result turning out successful, we assembled it all and attached the RFID chips.

It's a solid setup with few moving parts, important with an expected annual of 60 000 visiting school kids !

The plan was to have the exhibition going for one year (2012-2013) but is at the time of writing (2015) still up and running!