Consumer Product

DURR is a shivering bracelet investigating our perception of 5 minutes.

Time perception is our subjective understanding of how fast time passes. Our ability to accurately estimate durations depend on a range of factors.

However seemingly simple in design and behavior, this was by far the most demanding project we'd done.

Running from 2013 to 2015, the project had two major phases with their respective versions; DURR Alpha, and DURR Beta.

What started as a small experiment was selected to be our first electronic consumer product in our web shop.

We made 50 units of the first version - the DURR Alpha.

50 units doesn't really sound that much. Though, keep in mind that we made everything ourselves; from circuit boards to packaging. As a consumer product each unit had high demands in look and feel. The Alpha was designed for and produced with manufacturing techniques suitable for very low volumes; sintered and dyed polyamide, laser-cut leather and hand soldered through-hole PCBs.

Also, it's hard because it's just the two of us.

The intention behind the Alpha was foremost to get experience with B2C economy, shop keeping and shipping.

The concept hit some weird internet nerve and we got quite a lot of attention. As there seemed to be demand and interest for more, we decided to make DURR Beta.

This time we set a goal for 1.000 units! Making the Beta run was now an entirely new project; concerning scale, sourcing and manufacturing.

It didn't make any sense to produce another batch of 50, or even 100. The time and effort put into the first run didn't pay out, as it mostly was a test of infrastructure and sale.

However, the number '1.000' wasn't really decided by us. Instead it was sorta set by the PCB production house: they only wanted SMD components on reels > there are 1.000 components per reel. Aaaaand 1.000 SMD PCBs was the max amount we could afford.

With a significant change in volume, everything needed to be re-thought and re-designed.

Manufacturing techniques, materials, engineering, assembly, design, finishing, colors, packaging, shipping... EVERYTHING.

The DURR Beta's chassis and buckle were milled, sandblasted anodized aluminium...

...the straps die-cut smooth vegetanned leather.

In the end we approved and sold around 700 of the 1.000 units. Image above depicts a DURR graveyard ;_;

Quite remarkable variations in our (expensive) vibration motors was by far the main reason for this - super sad stuff.

Shipping and customer support... should not be underestimated.

We're sold out and not making any more, EVER - Thanks to everyone who bought one!

It's worth mentioning that DURR Beta is also on the permanent exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Arts, so you now own an official piece of art!

And of course, thanks to Ulrike and Kristin for support ♥