Memory Seed


Memory Seed toys with the idea of intentionally creating artificial neural connections for future olfactory encounters.

It’s generally acknowledged that smell is a potent associative factor for remembering and reliving prior experiences – often more so than audible and visual recollections.

The project presents four versions of ‘Memory Seeds’ - small objects with scented wax. The wax slowly evaporates and thereby transmits certain aromas – continuously through years, and perhaps even decades.

In turn, this connects a distinct scent to the corresponding period in ones life.

A particular work space, the college dorm room, ones first car, a particular person, an object of importance, a repetitive chore or an action of significance.
Hence, planting a memory seed.

On later occasions the investment would be rewarded with vivid recollections, when randomly encountering the same distinct scent in another situation.

The types of scents used would not be common aromas, like citrus, lavender or mint.

Instead, rarer types of scents would be chosen, ones that typically don’t occur in ones daily life; freshly laid asphalt, busy sawmill, old newspapers and dried seaweed.

'Memory Seed' also includes momentary single use cards*.

Carried around by their owner, broken open at special occasions. For events that are short in durations, perhaps only seconds, worth treasuring with all senses.

*The ‘Single Use Card’ is (to our surprise) very similar to the idea in Charline Ronzon Jaricot's newly released project 'Évanescence’.