Still File


'Still File' is a series of 4 photographs recreating computer renderings as physical scenes. The photos' artifacts, surroundings, camera settings and lighting has been shaped intending to resemble 3d graphics of different types.

1/4. Cube, sphere and cone geometry with material textures mahogany, clear glass and white marble. Placed on reflective checkers plane.

2/4. Floating colored cube without environment. Low greyscale resolution creates gradient banding in background.

3/4. Three white Utah teapots - scaled, rotated, intersected and distorted. Diffuse lighting, composed on matte yellow plane.

4/4. Patterned spheres with pink metallic texture. Panoramic photo of a beach added on cylindrical environment, mirrored in both the base plane and in the metal spheres.


Very little editing was done in post production.
Zoom in on high-resolution photos to see all the shortcomings of real life + some scrapped alternatives.

Behind the scenes:

Again, hi-res images on Flickr.